Upgrade GrabSync BaseCamp

Now we have GrabSync v1.5.
1) There's a NEW FEATURE:
now you have the opportunity to select which features you would like to sync: milestones, contacts, TO-Dos, messages.
2) There's advanced work of sync messages - now it's mark in MS Outlook as unread even when change or create new comments in BaseCamp, so you can be informed about all news from BaseCamp.
3) Also you can Abort the synchronization in MS Outlook just clicking the Cancel button.

GrabSync BaseCamp Release!

Lynden, USA, 9 June, 2007 - Softomate LLC announced launch of GrabSync BaseCamp v1.0 – a full software package to synchronize BaseCamp with MS Outlook. Offices around the world that use MS Outlook can now work in Basecamp simultaneously. GrabSync solution provides a comprehensive bidirectional integration with MS Outlook so users can work in either environment.
BaseCamp integration with MS Outlook helps the users view, create and update information within the program they feel most comfortable using. Users can schedule an activity in MS Outlook and have it show up in the web application, or can bring BaseCamp data from the web application into MS Outlook. Users will have the information automatically synchronized between MS Outlook and the web application.
The plugin allows to run auto synchronization when the users start the MS Outlook program. All new, edited or deleted information in MS Outlook will auto sync with BaseCamp. Also, users can synchronize their data immediately by clicking the “Sync now” button on the plugin.
GrabSync BaseCamp allows a two-way integration. To use GrabSync plugin users first login to the “Properties” menu and choose the projects which they would like to synchronize with MS Outlook. Additional folders with the project name will appear in MS Outlook.
With help of GrabSync BaseCamp users can synchronize Basecamp TO-Dos with MS Outlook tasks, milestones with calendar. Users can synchronize messages and import contacts from BaseCamp. Work related information will separate from personal information.
GrabSync BaseCamp v1.0 works with MS Outlook 2000, 2003 and 2007. The GrabSync BaseCamp plugin is easy to install from a setup.exe file. After installation, a new “BaseCamp” button will appear in MS Outlook.
Registered Grabsync users will receive the upgrades to the program for free.
GrabSync BaseCamp is available for trial download at http://www.grabsync.com
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